These refractive treatments are highly effective at correcting the following errors of refraction:

  • Nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Farsightedness (hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism


Over 40 million people around the world have experienced the benefits of LASIK / PRK. In fact, these have a satisfaction rates higher than any other surgical procedure, with more than 96% of patients reporting that they are happy with their results. Clear vision using technology approved for the NASA astronauts is right at your fingertips

Ayaan Eye care Center (AEC) has been providing comprehensive eye care services. Over a short period of time we have earned trust of patients with refractive surgery in Muscat, Oman. At AEC laser eye surgery is performed byexperienced Western qualified ophthalmologists. The surgeons at AEC have collectively performed thousands of successful laser vision correction procedures and we can help you achieve the clear vision you desire.


  • If you are taking medication for acne
  • If you are taking medicine for irregular heart beats
  • If you are allergic to medicines
  • If you had Herpes viral infection of eye in the past


We offer following vision correction procedures:


  1. Laser vision correction
    1. Lasik
    2. i-lasik
    3. i-Lasik customised
    4. i-lasik advance
    5. PRK customised
    6. PRK advance
  2. Lens implant for vision correction
    1. Phakic lens implant
      1. ICL implant
      2. Artisan implant
      3. Clear lens extraction with multifocal lens implant


Terminology for Cornea reshaping for vision correction:


  • Lasik: Laser in situ keratomileusis
  • PRK: Photo refractive keratomileusis
  • i-Lasik: Intralase Laser in situ keratomileusis

7D, 9D, customVue lasik: Terms used to denote advance wavefront guided lasik with eye tracking in 4 axes.


Laser procedure terminology:


Quite often name of machine is added to the name of basic procedure to distinguish it from other procedures for promotional purposes for example:

i-Lasik:Femtolasik performed on intralase machine.

Z-Lasik:Femtolasik performed on Zymer machine.

Wave-lasik: Lasik performed on Wavelight machine.


The best way to know about laser vision correction and which is the right procedure for your unique needs is to speak with our doctors in person.