About Us

Ayaan Health Care Center provide solutions to all of your vision paucities. Located at easy to reach places with health friendly environment. Fully equipped with state-of-the-art and most modern contraption of vision-related ailments. Our Team of highly experienced, professional and qualified Surgeons having shining track record in ophthalmology procedures and complexity of surgeries are always available for your service. We listen with extreme patience and care to every visitor for understanding the problem and proposing highly professional, most needed advice upholding Omani cultural values blended with best Western Medical Practices and care. “WE HELP YOU TO SEE THE WORLD IN TRUE COLOURS ONCE AGAIN “

Our Vision

Ayaan Healthcare institutions serving the communities by providing exemplary health services. being part of them for the prevention of disease and supporting the people by teaching and training to be useful for the community.

Our Mission

To establish healthcare institutions that are trustee to provide exceptional healthcare from basic to specialist level with dedication, compassion and sense of responsibility. Our services go beyond the usual healthcare to educating people for disease prevention, training them to be useful part of community and support research that have positive impact on humanity.


Patient safety

Patient safety is our paramount priority at every stage.

Respectfull Behaviour

We believe in mutual respect and our caregivers are always polite and highly respectful to the patients.

Result Oriented

RESULT ORIENTED: Every endeavor is done to come up with the results to the expectations of our valued patrons.


we offer matchless and non-compromised quality. Strictly ensure best ethical practices blended with Omani traditions.