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Ophthalmologist In Muscat

Built with the concept of giving the best eye care, it is equipped with the state -of -the -art equipment. Our physicians are trained to take their patients along, by keeping them comfortable and fully informed, from diagnosis to treatment and to full recovery.

Eye clinics: Each clinic is designed to facilitate the most comprehensive examination possible of the patient. It is fitted with the latest bio-microscope, vision assessment screen, different ophthalmoscopes and diagnostic lenses.


Each clinic is easily accessible by the waiting area.

Our Diagnostic

The diagnostic rooms are equiped with advanced diagnostic equipment to help our doctors in making the right diagnosis and to help monitor the effect of treatment. The diagnostic equipment available includes:

- Ultrasound A scan for taking different measurements of the eye
- Ultrasound B scan for the diagnosis of eye hemorrhages, tumors, retina diseases.
- Computerized auto perimeter for the diagnosis of glaucoma, optic nerve problems.
- Fundus fluorescein angiography to analyze the circulation of the eye.
- Ocular Coharence Tomography to analyze the structural defects of the retina and optic nerve at microscopic level.

Catarat Surgery-Oman

Surgical/Operating Microscope

- Computerized corneal topography for measuring the contour and thickness of the front part of the eye. A step o paramount importance in refractive surgery.
- IOL master & bio-meter help in taking measurements that are essential for the best post cataract surgery vision.
- Specular microscope helps to study the cellular details of the front part of the eye.

Eye Surgery

Ayaan Health Center operation room is fully equipped and has all the facilities that a modern operation room requires for the safe performance and handling of the patient. Operation room is equipped with:

- Central gas supply with automatic gas flow system.
- Ophthalmic surgical microscope making it possible to perform microsurgery with ease and safety.

Zeiss Lumera-T microscope for precision microsurgery

- Phacoemulsification machine to help us remove the cataract through an incision less than 3 mm.

Alcon infinity system for cataract removal through small incision and under anesthesia by eye drops. No injection or general anesthesia is needed in most patients.


Eye lasers

- Argon & Pascal Laser: A gold standard for the treatment of Diabetes affected retina and holes or tears of retina.

- YAG Laser with SLT: To treat glaucoma and cleaning the intraocular lens.

- Excimer Laser: MEL-90 excimer laser is symbol of best German technology that is known for the safety, reliability and the precision for removing the eye glasses.


Star S4 IR Abbot Combined with Intralase FS(Femtosecond Laser) for Advanced Refractive Surgery Excimer Laser with IRIS tracking system


Built with the concept of giving the best eye care, it is equipped...


"Beauty is only skin deep." is a common phrase. We believe a...


At Ayaan Health Center we strive to provide you only the best...
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